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What is TENS?

TENS is short for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and is defined by the American Physical Therapy Association as application of electrical current through the skin for pain control. For over 25 years TENS units have been a convenient portable, effective and affordable way of controlling and managing pain.

TENS units generate electrical impulses that are sent through electrodes placed over your area of discomfort. TENS is safe, non-invasive, drug free, non-addictive, has no side effects and can reduce the need for pain-control narcotics. TENS pain relief devices are FDA-regulated.

How does TENS work?

TENS is thought to work by three different methods:
1- Low frequency electrical activity stimulates the body's own natural pain-control mechanism, causing the body to release pain-relieving endorphins.
2- Electrical stimulation intercepts pain signals before they reach the brain, limiting the body's ability to feel pain sensation. Unlike many medications, TENS Units have no toxic side-effects.
3- TENS is well documented to increase localized blood flow in the treatment area. This increased circulation can assist in flushing inflammatory toxins from the area.

Have you ever wondered why, after banging your elbow, rubbing it helps?

To understand how it works it would be best to explain how your body recognizes pain. The �Pain Gate' control theory suggests that when body tissues are damaged, messages carrying information about the injury travel towards the brain along two quite separate sets of nerve fibers. The larger fibers carry messages about sensations other than pain, and the smaller fibers carry the pain messages. It is thought that messages which travel along the larger fibers arrive at the spinal cord before the messages travelling along the smaller fibers and, if there are enough non-pain sensations travelling, the pain messages won't be able to get through to the brain effectively. In other words the painful messages get �crowded out' by other competing non-painful messages. Rubbing the painful area helps to increase the number of non-pain messages travelling towards the spinal cord (and on to the brain).This rubbing effect is similar to what the TENS treatment accomplishes on a great scale.

Is the AuraWave™ FDA-Cleared?

Yes � After almost four years of rigorous testing and review, the AuraWave™ became the first FDA-cleared Class II medical device available without a prescription for treating pain in the lower back and extremities with TENS technology.

Does the AuraWave™ hurt and will it help me?

No, it doesn't hurt. And yes, it probably will help. Doctors, chiropractors & physiotherapists use TENS worldwide in hospitals and pain clinics. If it did not work, neither they nor medical insurance companies would waste time and money offering it.

How easy is it to use the AuraWave™?

Using an AuraWave is very easy, it is compact and portable. Older TENS units were not user friendly or effective, but the state-of-the-art technology in the AuraWave makes it very user friendly and effective.

What are the advantages of the AuraWave™?

� Easy to apply and use
� Can be used when, where, and as long as required
� Non-invasive
� Operation is entirely under your own personal control
� Portable - Can be used to go about your normal daily routines without restriction.
� No side-effects - occasional, but minor, skin irritation may occur after long term use.

Are there any contra-indications?

TENS should not be used by any person who:
1. is fitted with a cardiac pacemaker;
2. has a history of heart problems;
3. suffers from pain that has not been medically diagnosed;
4. suffers from epilepsy; or
5. is pregnant.

Are there any side effects?

There are no adverse side effects other than a small risk of skin irritation from the electrode gel.

How Long Does it Take for the AuraWave™ to Work?

The AuraWave™ machine will provide both a release of endorphins and an effective "pain gating" effect. The "gating" effect should be evident within a few seconds of application.
Endorphin release, and extended pain relief, may not become apparent until after 30 minutes of application. Longer applications may give maximum results. A TENS can be worn safely for as long as required.

When should I use the AuraWave™?

The AuraWave™ works best if you use it regularly at the onset of pain - don't wait for the pain to get worse. Since TENS therapy is a non-medicinal, non-invasive therapy it can be used on an "As Needed" basis. However, the recommended treatment time per area on a specified body part is usually 15 - 30 minutes, 2 - 5 times per day. Some people with continuous chronic pain may need to use TENS for longer durations.

Where do I place the electrode pads?

Please refer to the AuraWave™ operation manual or Quick Start DVD before use for information about how to safely use your AuraWave™. In addition to the operation manual, the AuraWave™ has a large LCD screen that indicates suggested pad placement locations for selected modes. Please pay close attention to all warnings, and never apply electrical current to your chest, temples, or the front of your neck.
In order to gain non-prescription clearance by the FDA, the AuraWave has only been cleared for pain relief of lower back and extremities.

How long should I use this device?

This device is safe for long term use. Treat your pain as often and as long as you think reasonable. If your muscles become sore from over-use, refrain from treating those areas for 2 days. If this issue reoccurs, reduce the treatment time and intensity settings for future treatments.

The adhesive pads are not sticking like new anymore?

In order for the adhesive pads to stick properly, there must be adequate surface moisture. With the AuraWave™ power turned OFF; gently apply a few drops of warm water to the adhesive pad using your fingers.

For maximum results, the electrode pads must maintain full contact with your skin. On certain areas of your body, the adhesive pads may not stick properly (due the presence of fine hairs or the general contour of the area). Simply roll up a towel, apply gentle pressure to the pads, and use your AuraWave™ normally. You may have to replace the pads after extended use.

How Much Pain Relief?

The degree of pain relief varies from person to person and without trying the AuraWave™, there is no way of telling how well it will work for an individual problem. Best results may be gained by trying various electrode positions and treatment modes to suit your specific pain. A single treatment can give pain relief lasting anywhere from minutes to several days. Users of the AuraWave™ may experience a reduction in the number of pain recurrences, the intensity of pain, and the daily need for analgesic drugs.

Is the AuraWave™ covered through insurance (Personal Health Insurance, Workman's Compensation, Auto, etc.)?

Most insurances do cover TENS therapy, however, all insurance policies are written differently and coverage varies from policy to policy.

Is the AuraWave™ safe to use with other medication?

Yes � and continued TENS treatment may reduce the need for pain-killing drugs.

Can I use my AuraWave™ for pain other than back pain?

Yes � TENS units have been shown to be very effective for variety of pain. (see Doctor's warnings).

It feels like only one pad is working � is that normal?

AuraWave™ pulses are passed from one electrode to the other, so if one is working, the other must be as well.
However, this sensation may be experienced as one side of your body may be more sensitive than the other or if one electrode is placed closer to a particular nerve-ending. To adjust, simply turn off your device and reposition the electrode pads. Results may vary when pads are placed on boney areas.

Can I place the electrodes at the same site on my body every time I use the unit?

Yes � as long as your skin does not develop a rash or show signs of irritation.

Treatment feels uncomfortable or like pins and needles?

When used properly, the AuraWave™ should never cause you to experience discomfort. If you are experiencing this, turn off your unit and thoroughly check the contact between the adhesive electrode and skin surface. Contact must be properly maintained to ensure proper functionality of the AuraWave™; please keep pads moist and clean to assure proper connection. You may have to replace the pads after extended use and if discomfort continues.

Should I need to consult with my doctor about using this device?

All health concerns should be brought to the attention of your health professional for proper diagnosis and treatment. The AuraWave™ is NOT intended to replace your health care professional.

When you turn the power dial on and stimulation is weak or you feel nothing what do we do?

This issue is typically the result of weak or dead batteries � please refer to the AuraWave™ troubleshooting guide.

Can I use this device to improve and enhance my muscles?

Yes � muscle building is one of the natural byproducts of muscle fiber stimulation. Auto Mode 2 has been optimized to provide an intense muscle work-out (especially abdominal muscles). This mode consists of a warm up period to work the muscle fibers and an intense workout to improve or maintain muscle tone. The AuraWave™ is not a weight-loss device.

How can I order extra pads and accessories?

Your AuraWave comes with everything you need. If you need to buy replacement pads, you can order them from our Accessories Store.

TENS should not be used by any person who is fitted with a cardiac pacemaker or suffers from epilepsy.