Operating Instructions

Operating Instructions

Before Use:

Load the batteries, connect the wire to the device and both electrodes. Remove the protective film from the electrode pads and apply pads to treatment areas (as directed by the AuraWave™ User Manual). Ensure that the entire adhesive surface of the each pad makes firm contact with the skin.


Proper AuraWave™ Operation:

  1. Turn ON the AURAWAVE by turning the Intensity-On/Off dial in a clockwise direction.
    • The LCD screen is now activated and the device will automatically start in Manual 1 treatment mode.
    • The count-down timer is preset to start at 15 minutes.
    • Blue LED lights will illuminate the screen for 15 seconds – to reactivate the lights, press any button once.

*Device is designed with a soft start or delayed pulsation to prevent sudden stimulation when device is first turned on.

  1. Press the "Manual" button to choose from one of six (6) individual manual modes.
    Press the "Automatic" button to choose from one of four (4) automatic treatment modes.

    An arrow will appear on the display next to the mode that is currently selected.
  2. Gradually adjust the "Intensity" (ON/OFF) dial to change the treatment pulse intensity to fit your treatment needs. Turning dial in clockwise direction increases intensity, counter clockwise decreases intensity. Intensity settings are labeled from 1 to 10 and can be viewed through small round window below the right side of the display screen.
  3. Press the "Time" button to set your treatment session duration. The AuraWave™ is pre-set for a 15 minute treatment, but will allow you to set the treatment from five (5) to thirty (30) minutes in 5 minute increments. When your treatment session time expires, the device will stop automatically. To start a new session, simply adjust the intensity dial to OFF, wait for 3 seconds, and turn the unit back ON to your desired treatment intensity.
  4. ALWAYS turn the intensity button to OFF before changing the position of the adhesive electrodes.
  5. If you choose to stop your treatment session at any time, turn the intensity setting to OFF BEFORE removing the electrode pads.
Reading the LCD Screen  
1. Manual Modes 5. Automatic Modes
2. Work Mode Indicating Arrow 6. Timer Display
3. Diagram of Human Body Outline 7. Repeat Function
4. Dots Indicating Recommended Pad Replacement


Treating Lower Back Pain:

The AuraWave™ Garment Belt is recommended for treating pain associated with sore and aching muscles in the lower back:

  1. Simply attach the large adhesive pads by snapping the back of the pads to the female snap receptacle on the inside of the garment belt.
  2. Connect the lead wire ends to the outside of the garment belt male snap receptacles.
  3. Remove protective film from adhesive pads and wrap the AuraWave™ Garment Belt around your waist, ensuring that the pads are positioned on your lower back on either side of your spine.
  4. Adjust belt for a comfortable fit with front straps.

TENS should not be used by any person who is fitted with a cardiac pacemaker or suffers from epilepsy.